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While breast surgery brings many positive results, there are cases when revision surgery is needed for aesthetic or health reasons. Scottsdale, AZ board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Carlos Mata aka Dr. Scottsdale® can correct implant issues such as rupture, capsular contracture, asymmetry, aesthetics (looks), scars, or even a change of size. Some revisions can be as easy as just exchanging implants and others may require soft tissue substitutes aka mesh to reinforce weakened breast tissue and/or support the breast implants, such as Strattice™, or Galaflex. Dr. Mata knows that breast revision is something important to consider when a woman is dissatisfied about her previous results with another surgeon and will consult with her to figure out what their goals are and what surgical plan is best. Women wishing to have their implants removed in Greater Phoenix, AZ are welcome to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mata.

Reasons For A Breast Revision Surgery

Breast revision corrects circumstances in regard to previous breast surgery results, but more commonly breast implant-related issues. Multiple surgeries can be performed during a breast revision case, it’s all based on the current issues and surgical solutions. Listed below are the most common cases where a patient may be a candidate for this treatment for aesthetic reasons and/or medical reasons:

Aesthetic Reasons for a Breast Revision


Breast rippling is created by breast implants. It’s usually noticeable underneath or on the side of the breast often when touching your breast. This is generally more common among patients who have low breast tissue volume, who are thin or/and who have saline implants. This unnatural wrinkling may cause discomfort and an unsightly appearance. Dr. Scottsdale® offers different surgical options to fix breast rippling from implants. The most common are implant exchange by using more cohesive silicone implants, like Sientra, or transfer fat in the area of rippling to add more tissue so the skin is less thin.


When an implant moves out of the intended pocket, it may cause the appearance of a double breast where a significant crease is noticeable. Implants not properly placed may drop and extend past the breast’s crease or rise, forming an odd volume on top of the breast. To fix a double bubble, Dr. Scottsdale® uses different techniques based on the patient’s needs. The most common are changing the implant placement (above and/or under the muscle or dual plane technique), changing the implant size, placing mesh, and/or performing a breast lift.


Breast implants vary in size, texture, shape, and base. Some patients may be unhappy with how the breast looks and may consider a revision surgery to improve their appearance according to preference. It may be another size increase or the wish to have a better cleavage. Some patients also later realize that they’d rather have silicone instead of saline. It’s all based on what the patient wants. Dr. Scottsdale® offers a large range of procedures to improve the appearance of the breast from implant exchange, internal bra (mesh), internal breast pocket work (special suturing), to fat transfer to the breast (to add cleavage/ volume that an implant can’t achieve).


Did you have a breast lift and you are not happy about the scars? Or a breast augmentation and your surgeon made a large scar? Dr. Scottsdale® can help by providing surgical scar revision like reopening and closing the scar with special sutures to ensure great results. Or non-surgical treatments are available, learn more about our scar treatments.


After placing implants, your body will create a breast capsule (scar tissue surrounding the implant). This is totally normal. But sometimes, the breast capsule can tighten around the implant, causing capsular contracture. It can change the appearance of your breast implants’ results, and in some cases create discomfort, and tightness. This is corrected by a capsulectomy or/and capsulorrhaphy in which the scar tissue is surgically removed. Dr. Carlos Mata aka Dr. Scottsdale® also recommends placing a mesh (internal bra) with Strattice or Galaflex to prevent any future capsular contracture from happening again. Strattice is proven to significantly reduce the risk of having a capsular contracture.


Despite the guarantee that implants are safe and leakages are rare, there are cases when a shell breaks down. If it is filled with saline, the solution will be absorbed by the body, and there will be a noticeable deflation of the breast. In the case of silicone implants, with older implants, the gel might move in the breast capsule and an MRI will be recommended. With newer implants, the gel is more cohesive meaning, the gel might not move in the capsule. The adequate breast revision surgery in case of ruptured implants will be to remove the damaged implants and breast capsules. If you have ruptured silicone implants, Dr. Mata will make sure that all the silicone is removed. Based on your goals, the implants can be replaced by new ones, or if you decide to not replace the implants a breast lift will be recommended to remove the extra skin and prevent breast sagginess.


Breast implant illness (BII) is a term used to describe a group of symptoms and signs presumably caused by breast implants. A small portion of women who undergo breast implant surgery says they manifested a series of symptoms whose origin they attribute to the presence of their implants. Although not a medical diagnosis, they refer to their symptoms as Breast Implant Illness. If you think you have that issue, Dr. Scottsdale® will be happy to help you. Usually, an implant removal surgery is recommended to treat Breast Implant Illness. For better results, a breast lift can be recommended to treat the extra skin (stretched skin from the implants) and fat transfer can be performed to add a little volume to the breast now deflated from the lack of implant volume.

Recovery will be different based on the procedure(s) performed and the patients. It can vary from a few days to two weeks before resuming a normal routine. Exercising or any cardio activity needs to be avoided for the first 6 weeks. It will take a few more months for the effects of the revision to become noticeable and for the breast to develop a natural feel and look.

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