Trusculpt and EmSculpt are our non-surgical body contouring treatments in our Scottsdale office. These two treatments have minimal downtime and can be done in 15-30 minutes. This lunch break body contouring treatments can be done one after the other. Trusculpt is a non-surgical fat reduction and EmSculpt builds muscles.

EmSculpt® - Muscles Building

EMSculpt is a non-invasive treatment used for toning, firming, and strengthening the muscles all over the body. You can treat your buttocks, abs, legs, calves, and arms. It utilizes high-intensity focused electromagnetic current to induce powerful muscle contractions painlessly and effectively and can help tighten loose abdominal muscles (rectus diastasis)! During each treatment, EMSculpt will reduce up to 19% of fat and build up to 16% muscle. Certain areas of the body like the buttocks can be customized where we only enhance the volume and muscle mass without reducing fat.

The 30-minute treatment is painless, has no downtime, and will leave you with ZERO soreness. On average 4 sessions are needed to space 5 to 7 days apart. Results will be seen around 2-4 weeks after the last session.

During your treatment, you’ll be lying down comfortably and the machine will operate for 30 minutes. The EmSculpt paddles will deliver electromagnetic waves and strong contractions to your muscle tissue. Your body will respond by remodeling the inner structure that results in the sculpting and building of muscle. There will be NO soreness and no downtime because it’s a non-invasive treatment! Enjoy watching the results occur and see us again a few days later for your next session!

TruScuplt - Fat Reduction

TruSculpt ID is an innovative fat reduction device powered by radiofrequency. The device delivers skin-deep heat causing the fat cells to die creating a non-invasive fat reduction. It can be used on almost any area of the body like the abdomen, flanks, thighs, buttocks, arms, and other stubborn regions where fat lingers. It reduces 25% of fat per session.

TruSculpt ID is comfortable and requires no anesthetic. It is virtually pain-free. Most patients describe the treatment like a hot stone massage and others report almost no sensation of heat at all. This procedure has earned the name Lunchtime Skinny thanks to the short procedure time, about 15 minutes, and you can easily resume your normal daily activity after the treatment. Come and see us on your lunch break!

During a treatment, a handpiece is placed over the targeted area and releases radiofrequency energy. This energy causes fat cells to heat up and program them to liquefy and be removed through the lymphatic process. The energy released from the heat from the TruSculpt ID also causes skin tightening for a slimming and smoothing effect on the skin.

There is no downtime with this treatment, allowing you to return to your normal activity following treatment immediately. Patients will see significant improvement in approximately 12 weeks following one TruSculpt ID treatment and full results up to 4 months after. Additional sessions may be required to obtain desired results if more than usual results are expected.


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