EON: Smart Body Contouring

​​​​EON Smart Body Contouring is the next evolution in modern aesthetics. Using proprietary technology, this touchless robotic laser body contouring treatment combines both industry-leading laser and cooling technologies to provide an both outstanding results and an unrivalled patient experience.

How does EON smart body contouring work?

The EON smart body contouring device has an intelligent robotic arm which scans the patient, while smart sensor technology maps their topography. This helps ensure that the laser targets the correct areas and delivers a custom treatment, designed specifically for the individual patient. Impressively, the entire procedure is completely touchless.

EON uses thermal laser energy and cooling technology to heat the fat below the surface of the skin, which is warmed uniformly to 51°C (123.8°F). The cooling technology keeps patients feeling comfortable while the targeted fat cells begin a process called apoptosis.

This is where the fat cells die and are then processed out of the body using the lymphatic system. Since this method relies on natural body processes, it can take up to 12 weeks for all destroyed fat cells to be effectively removed from the body and for results to be visible.

The entire body contouring process can treat the full abdomen in just 60 minutes and smaller areas in 20 minutes, making it the most efficient system currently available.

What are the benefits of EON smart body contouring?

There are a range of reasons why an increasing number of patients are choosing EON smart body contouring to address stubborn abdominal fat and help them achieve a smoother, contoured stomach that leaves them feeling confident in their appearance.

  • No incisions, which means that there are also no wounds to take care of after treatment.
  • Rapid recovery with no downtime.
  • Minimal risk of complications.
  • Minimal side effects
  • No need for anesthetic and little to no discomfort during the procedure.
  • 20-minute segment times per area treated.
  • Suitable for most patients.

What areas of the body can EON smart body contouring be used on?

FDA Cleared( Approved is for medication and cleared is for devices) for the abdomen, flanks, back and thighs.

Does EON body contouring treatment hurt?

The use of cooling technology means that EON body contouring is extremely comfortable for the vast majority of patients. Research has found that 96% of patients would recommend EON body contouring to others.

What results can I expect from EON smart body contouring

The average patient experiences 6.3mm of fat loss in the targeted area, which can be permanently maintained provided that they then don’t gain weight again. That’s because, while it’s impossible for fat cells to regenerate, remaining ones can grow in size and take up more space. This will cause the targeted area to grow again and reverse the results that you previously experienced.

EON smart body contouring is considered to be one of the most effective non-invasive body contouring technologies currently on the marketing, helping patients to achieve a tighter and contoured silhouette that they can’t obtain through diet and exercise alone.

Natural Results Plastic Surgery is only the second office in Arizona to carry this service. If you’d like more information about EON smart body contouring, or to schedule a consultation, please call Natural Results Plastic Surgery at (480) 418-5300 to reach our office in Scottsdale, Arizona.