For many men and women of all ages, the embarrassment of having ears that stick out can result in a loss of confidence in professional and social situations. However, with today’s advances in ear surgery, aka otoplasty, by Scottsdale, AZ board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Carlos Mata, a.k.a. Dr. Scottsdale®, dramatic improvements can be produced in the appearance of your ears. The ears are fully grown by the time you are 4, so ear surgery is ideal for children who may encounter teasing from other kids. Ear surgery can as easily be performed on men and women of all ages and does not pose any additional risks. It may also reform misshapen ears or torn ear lobes to a restored appearance. There are a number of ear deformities that may be hereditary or occur as a result of birth defects or a traumatic injury.

Ear Surgery Surgical Techniques

Torn earlobe can occur from wearing heavy earrings or through trauma. The surgical repair of a torn earlobe is generally straightforward. The skin cleft between the two sides of the tear is opened surgically, extra skin can be removed, and both sides are stitched back together to reconstruct a new lobe. In some cases, the crease of the ear can be used as an incision to hide the scar better. In rare cases, a skin graft can be used to repair the earlobe. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia allowing a faster recovery (you can drive back home), and you can notice the results right after.

Earlobe gauging begins with a simple piercing in the ear but afterward uses different sized gauge plugs to stretch the earlobe over an extended period of time. The earlobes can be stretched excessively leaving them with a large hole. To fix widened ear holes surgery such as earlobe reduction and earlobe repair will be necessary. The technique used is similar to a torn earlobe repair, it involves surgical cutting, skin removal, and stitches. The incisions can sometimes be hidden. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia.

Protruding ears can be fixed by performing an otoplasty. The incisions are made behind the ear to hide them. The ears are surgically repositioned by removing and/or tightening the skin & cartilage. Special sutures are used to reshape the cartilages and overall ear appearance. The procedure improves the shape, position, proportion of the ear and creates a balanced natural shape. This procedure can be performed under local, IV sedation (light sedation) or deep sedation in our surgical office in Scottsdale, AZ based on the patient. But can be done at the hospital under general anesthesia based on the patient’s age, usually children

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Ear Surgery FAQs

​​​​​​​Lasting Results?

The ears typically mature faster than any other part of the body, therefore, at an appropriate age and time when surgical adjustments are made, the results are generally long-lasting. Even as the body changes due to age and gravity, the changes to the ear will be minimal and a secondary otoplasty is usually not needed.

One or Both Ears?

Usually, the condition is symmetrical to both ears. The final shape that the surgery will aim for will depend on the initial structure of the ear and how cartilages are placed. If the procedure is only for one ear, the shape will be patterned after the normally formed ear.