Get to know Dr.Scottsdale®. outside the borders!

You may know him as Dr.Scottsdale®, a board-certified plastic surgeon practicing out of Scottsdale, Arizona, however, do you know anything about him outside of his home city? Dr. Carlos Mata takes his work far beyond his home city into the lands of Laos, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Chile, and Africa where he volunteers to help both children and adults. His volunteer work began in 2011 when he felt he had enough knowledge to go safely to help those in need. He has performed numerous surgeries including cleft lips, facial deformities, and different deformities of the body.

During his volunteer time, 80% of his surgeries are performed on the children in need in the areas he is placed in. He has worked with many different organizations and follows them to their destinations to lend his hand and his heart to those needing services. Dr. Mata volunteers on these missions 1-3 times a year and is usually gone for around a week at a time. During this volunteer time, he might be working on a couple of long duration surgeries, or performing two surgeries at one time, or a ton of short ones where at one time he performed 75 surgeries in an 8-day period. While he is on these missions, he also has the opportunity to train junior doctors and help them learn how to perform safe surgery and how to give the utmost professional medical care that these people deserve. Dr. Mata has a huge passion for his mission work and loves traveling to those in need and using his training to help change people’s lives forever. Not only does he give his time, skills, and training but he also gives his heart. Dr. Mata is passionate about his mission work and would love nothing more than to be able to spend his time traveling around and helping people.