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Butt implants Scottsdale provide a significant enhancement for those looking to improve the size and shape of their buttocks. These silicone implants offer a realistic look and feel, making them an effective option for achieving desired aesthetic goals. Our board-certified plastic surgeons at Natural Results are proud to help patients like you achieve desired firmness and shape in the buttock area with silicone butt implants. Get ready to feel comfortable in a bathing suit or lingerie with your sexiest shape yet!

What is Butt Implant Surgery?

Butt implant surgery, also known as gluteal augmentation or buttock augmentation, 
is a cosmetic procedure focused on enhancing the butt’s size and contour by inserting implants. It is similar to surgery for breast implants in its use of artificial implants 
to achieve desired aesthetic results. Unlike methods like the Brazilian butt lift, 
which uses fat transfer, butt implant surgery relies on the insertion of implants.

These implants, typically made of soft, solid silicone, are similar to those used in breast augmentation and are known for their safety and ability to mimic natural tissue. 
The silicone implants in buttock augmentation procedures are strategically placed 
to improve the volume and shape of the buttocks, aiming to create a balanced 
and aesthetically pleasing body contour.

This procedure, through the use of silicone implants, ensures that the enhanced area not only looks but also feels natural, paralleling the objectives and outcomes of breast implant surgeries.

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Who is a suitable candidate for butt implants?

Ideal candidates for butt implant surgery are those who are in overall good health without any chronic medical conditions that could impair healing or increase surgical risks. It’s also essential for individuals considering this surgery to have realistic expectations about the outcomes.

Mainly, individuals who may not have enough body fat for alternative procedures like the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) are often ideal candidates for butt implant surgery. 
The silicone buttock augmentation procedure is specifically tailored for patients 
who lack the excess fat necessary for a BBL.

At our clinic, we recognize the uniqueness of each patient, which is why we do not have 
a specific Body Mass Index (BMI) requirement for butt implant surgery. Each patient 
is encouraged to have an in-person consultation with one of our Scottsdale, AZ board-certified plastic surgeons to discuss their objectives and determine the most appropriate approach for their particular case.

The Butt Implants Procedure

Buttock enhancement gluteal augmentation at Natural Results involves meticulous steps carefully executed by our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Carlos Mata and Dr. Martin Benjamin. Through the following steps, our skilled surgeons ensure a tailored approach to meet each patient’s unique aesthetic goals.

At Natural Results in Scottsdale, AZ, butt implant surgery starts with a detailed consultation with one of our skilled plastic surgeons. This crucial initial meeting is dedicated to discussing your aesthetic goals, addressing concerns, and establishing realistic expectations.

Our surgeon will evaluate your health history, examine the buttocks area, and outline the procedure’s potential risks and benefits. This consultation also lets you ask questions and fully understand the surgical process.

Our surgeon performs the butt implant procedure under deep sedation, not general anesthesia, in our facility, providing a more private and personalized experience than a hospital environment.

Before the surgery, our surgeon thoroughly reviews your aesthetic goals. This essential step is undertaken during initial consultations and revisited on the morning of the surgery to align perfectly with your expectations.

During the procedure, our surgeon demonstrates precision by making two 6cm incisions strategically located inside the buttock cleft (commonly known as the butt crack). This placement is chosen specifically to conceal any scarring, allowing the resultant scars to be easily hidden under minimal clothing such as thongs or bathing suits, thus not impacting post-surgery lifestyle or clothing choices.

After the implants are inserted, our surgeon carefully closes the incisions. This stage is critical in minimizing the appearance of scars, emphasizing the importance of detail to promote optimal healing and ensure that the scars blend discreetly with the body’s natural contours and creases.

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Recovery & Aftercare 
for Butt Augmentation Surgery

Patients typically are instructed to wait six weeks to three months before resuming regular activity, such as sitting directly on their buttocks and exercising. The butt implant surgery prevents you from sitting on your butt for at least six weeks. Specific pillows are sold to help you during your recovery.

Post-op care instructions are vital to allow the scar tissue to become strong 
to support your results long-term. Optimal results will be evident about three months after the procedure once your butt implants have had time to settle, swelling goes down, and scars heal.

Cost Of Butt
Implants Surgery

The cost of butt implant surgery in Scottsdale, AZ, varies between $10,000 
to $25,000, can vary significantly, influenced by the specific type of implants, anesthesia, operating room facilities, and post-surgery garments like compression wear. This cost range can differ widely, so getting a comprehensive estimate from our surgeons at Natural Results in Scottsdale is essential.

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What are the benefits of butt implants?

Butt implant surgery offers several benefits for individuals looking to improve their body contour. Here are some of the key advantages of this cosmetic procedure:

Enhanced Shape and Size

Butt implants provide a significant improvement in both the size and shape of the buttocks, offering a more rounded and pronounced appearance.


Butt implants come in various sizes, allowing for a customizable approach to meet the specific aesthetic goals of each patient.

Improved Body Contour

Enhancing the buttocks makes overall body contour more balanced and aesthetically pleasing, particularly with other body areas like the waist and thighs.

Long-Lasting Results

Unlike some other cosmetic enhancements, the results from this buttock augmentation surgery are long-lasting and typically do not require frequent touch-ups or revisions.

Boost in Confidence and Self-Esteem

Many individuals find that improving their physical appearance with butt implants can lead to an increase in self-confidence and a more positive body image.

Resilience to Weight Fluctuations

Unlike natural body fat that can change with weight fluctuations, butt implants maintain their size and shape, offering a stable and consistent appearance. This is a key advantage over a buttock lift, where significant weight changes can alter results.
When considering butt implant surgery, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss these benefits and how they align with your personal goals and expectations.

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Butt Implants FAQs

Yes, like any surgical procedure, butt implant surgery will leave scars. However, the visibility and size of these scars can be minimized. Our surgeons, such as Dr. Carlos Mata and Dr. Martin Benjamin, strategically place incisions in less noticeable areas, often in the natural creases of the buttocks or down the sacral area. Post-operative care, including medical-grade scar gels, can further reduce the appearance of scarring, leading to minimal and less noticeable marks.
Butt implants are designed to be a long-lasting solution. These implants are usually meant to last a lifetime and typically do not require replacement. They are made from durable materials like silicone, which are resistant to aging and designed to maintain their shape and consistency over time. However, it’s important to have regular check-ups with our surgeon to ensure the implants maintain their position and appearance.
Yes, modern butt implants can feel natural. The implants used in today’s surgeries are made from advanced materials like cohesive silicone gel, which closely mimic the feel of natural buttock tissue. The naturalness of the feel also depends on the placement of the implant (above or below the muscle) and the amount of existing soft tissue. Over time, as the body heals, these implants integrate with the body’s natural tissues, enhancing this natural feel.
Butt implant surgery and a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) are different in both their approach and outcome. Butt implant surgery involves the insertion of silicone implants to achieve the desired augmentation. On the other hand, a BBL is a fat grafting procedure where excess fat is harvested from different areas of the body (like the abdomen, thighs, or back) and then transferred to the buttocks. A BBL offers more natural results and the added benefit of contouring the areas where fat is removed, but it may not provide as significant an increase in size as buttock implants.
When deciding between butt implant surgery and a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), several key factors should be considered:
  • Desired Outcome: Implants are better for a significant size increase, while a BBL offers a more natural enhancement and body contouring.
  • Body Type: A BBL requires sufficient body fat for transfer, making it less suitable for those with minimal body fat.
  • Recovery and Risks: Each procedure has unique risks and recovery timelines to consider.
  • Personal Preference: Consider your preference for the feel and appearance of the augmentation. Professional
  • Consultation: A detailed discussion with a qualified surgeon is crucial to determine the best option for your aesthetic goals.
Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs and expectations and should be made in consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon.