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Breast lift with implants Scottsdale, AZ, offers an aesthetic solution for those seeking to rejuvenate and refine their breasts. It caters to individuals looking 
to elevate their body confidence by addressing issues such as sagging, loss 
of volume, and the desire for a more youthful breast contour. Breast lift with implant procedures at Natural Results AZ are expertly performed by our highly skilled, board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Carlos Mata, a.k.a. Dr. Scottsdale®, and Dr. Martin Benjamin. Their combined expertise in the latest surgical methods, along with a compassionate understanding of patient desires, establishes Dr. Mata and Dr. Benjamin as trusted choices for those seeking 
a transformative breast lift combining breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation
with Breast Lift

Scottsdale, AZ

Breast augmentation with a breast lift by our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Carlos Mata, a.k.a. Dr. Scottsdale®, and Dr. Martin Benjamin, is a combination of 2 cosmetic procedures to improve the volume and shape of the breast. It is a surgery that includes both the placement of breast implants as well as a skin tightening and lifting technique to put the breasts higher on the chest wall. Aging, pregnancy, and weight loss are common factors in which the breasts may lose volume and shape. If a patient has a good skin tone and limited sagging, implants alone may suffice. However, nipples pointing down or sagging that create a downward breast appearance caused by a loss of skin elasticity must be treated with a lift. Breast augmentation with a lift creates beautiful, youthful, and shapelier breasts.

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Types of Breast Lift Incisions

All breast lift procedures will require incisions due to the removal of skin. Any of the breast lifts can be combined with breast implants or done on their own. These are the different incision patterns that you may consider:​​​​​​​

Crescent Lift

A crescent-shaped incision is made along the top 
half of your areola, and the goal is to correct very minor 
sagging and/or align the patient’s areolas. The candidates 
for a crescent lift are patients with nipple/areola asymmetry or patients with minor breast sagginess.
The incision is made all around the areola. The main goal of a donut lift is to reduce the size of the colored part (areola), but it can also help correct tuberous breasts by reshaping the pointy areola into a flat areola. The lift created by this type of breast lift is minor, but it can help lift and realign the areolas/ nipples.

The incisions are made around the entire areola, vertically down to the natural crease below the breast and horizontally following the direction of the fold under the breast. The breast lift is recommended for larger breasts or breasts requiring a major lift. It can be performed on any breast size and shape. This lift will correct the nipple position, breast shape and give the patient a youthful & perkier look to their breast. This type of lift is used for breast reduction.

Worried about the scars? Learn more about what we are offering to make them less visible: scar treatments

A crescent-shaped incision is made along the top 
half of your areola, and the goal is to correct very minor 
sagging and/or align the patient’s areolas. The candidates 
for a crescent lift are patients with nipple/areola asymmetry or patients with minor breast sagginess.

Worried about the scars? Learn more about what we are offering to make them less visible: scar treatments

Are you a Suitable Candidate 

for Breast Lift with Implants Surgery?

Are you considering a breast lift with implants? It’s crucial to know if this procedure is the right fit for you. Here’s a list to help you assess your suitability:
You might be a good candidate if you have sagging breasts due to natural aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss and are looking to enhance their fullness.
Suitable candidates for this procedure are generally in good overall health and free from major medical conditions that could affect the surgery or may interfere with recovery.
Having realistic expectations about the surgery’s outcomes is vital to your satisfaction.
Your weight should be stable; fluctuations post-surgery can alter the results.
Being a non-smoker or if you’re a smoker, being ready to quit smoking before and after the procedure is essential, as smoking can hinder healing.
If you’re not planning any future pregnancies, this procedure could be more appropriate, 
as pregnancy can impact the surgical results.
Emotional readiness for both the surgery and the recovery process is important for a smooth experience.
Good skin elasticity, which can vary with age, is essential for achieving the best surgical results.
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Benefits of Breast Lift with Implants Scottsdale

A breast lift with implants combines the advantages of breast augmentation and lifting procedures, providing enhanced breast volume, improved shape, and correction of asymmetry. It offers customizable results, a confidence boost, and lasting outcomes, restoring a youthful appearance and addressing breast-related concerns like post-pregnancy changes or natural aging effects. This versatile, comprehensive enhancement yields natural-looking results, making it a valuable option for those seeking both breast augmentation and lifting, often reducing the need for separate surgeries.

Breast Augmentation
by Dr. Scottsdale®


Dr. Carlos Mata, aka Dr. Scottsdale®, and Dr. Martin Benjamin offer either saline or silicone implants to their patients. The saline implants are made out of silicone for the outside shells and filled with a sterile saltwater solution. The size can vary from 100cc to 800cc+. Ruptures, meaning leakage, can happen but do not pose a threat as the solution is safely absorbed by the body. Silicone Implants are silicone shells prefilled with silicone gel. It comes in different profiles (shape): low, moderate, and high to adjust to the patient’s goals and expectations. The sizes vary from 100cc to 800cc. Learn more about breast augmentation.

Our surgeons use a different method, dual-plane breast augmentation, to give their patients the best long-lasting results. This technique means the implants are placed at the same time above and under the pectoralis muscle. The dual-plane technique allows fewer complications and a more natural look, reduces the drop of the implants, and prevents the appearance of wrinkles on the upper part of the breast. Learn more about this technique.

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Recovery for Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift

Recovery for Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift

The recovery will vary depending on the type of breast lift. The recovery 
for a donut lift or crescent lift with implants is about one to two days before going back to work. For lifts using a lollipop or anchor incision with implants, the recovery is about 4 days to one week. Exercising is not recommended for the first 6 weeks of recovery, no matter the type of lift used.

Patients are recommended to wear a surgical bra or compression garment to support and minimize swelling of the breasts during healing. This specialized bra helps maintain the newly reshaped breast contours and ensures optimal recovery. It’s crucial to follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions diligently, which may include gentle breast massage techniques, avoiding strenuous activities, and attending follow-up appointments.

Cost of Breast Lift
with Implants Scottsdale

At Natural Results Az, we aim to provide a detailed understanding of the costs 
of your breast lift surgery, ensuring that you can make a well-informed decision about this significant investment in your well-being. The cost for a breast lift with implants ranges from $7,000 to $20,000. The exact cost can be determined after 
a detailed consultation with one of our surgeons, where your specific needs and goals will be assessed. This estimate includes all the following factors:

The Expertise Behind Your Procedure

Our clinic is renowned for housing some of Scottsdale’s finest plastic surgeons, Dr. Mata and Dr. Benjamin. Their extensive experience and refined skills are pivotal in delivering the exceptional results you seek. This caliber of expertise is a significant factor in the pricing structure.
We provide silicone and saline breast implants. Each type has its unique attributes, with silicone implants typically being the more premium choice due to their natural feel and appearance.
Every individual’s body and aspirations are unique, and so is every breast lift with implants procedure we perform. The cost varies depending on the intricacies of your specific surgical plan, which includes factors such as the amount of excess skin to be removed, the degree of lifting required, and the specific details of implant placement. 

Post-operative care is crucial for your recovery and final results. Our package includes thorough follow-up care, including visits and support garments, ensuring a smooth and comfortable recovery from your breast lift procedure.

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Breast Augmentation
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Breast Augmentation with Lift FAQS

While implants can augment breast size, it’s important to note that a breast lift is the solution for addressing sagging. Breast sag occurs due to skin stretching and loss of elasticity caused by factors like pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. Implants alone do not address breast projection and may even exacerbate sagging. In contrast, a breast lift effectively corrects sagging, resulting in a firmer and more youthful breast appearance.
Breast lifts can provide long-lasting results, especially with a healthy lifestyle. However, significant weight gain or future pregnancies may affect the outcome, making it advisable to undergo this surgery when near the desired weight and not planning future pregnancies. In contrast, breast implants are designed to last up to 15 years or more, although they are not permanent solutions.
Given the nature of the procedure, some scarring is inevitable in breast lift surgery. Incisions are carefully placed to align with the patient’s aesthetic objectives. While these incisions may be hidden under clothing, they will still exist. The positive aspect is that, over time and with proper scar care, they tend to fade and become less prominent. Many women discover that the improved breast shape and overall appearance outweigh any concerns about scarring.
Breastfeeding after a breast lift with implants is generally possible, but it can depend on the specifics of the surgery. Some surgical techniques may affect milk ducts or nerves in the breast, potentially impacting breastfeeding ability. It’s important to discuss your future breastfeeding plans with your surgeon before the procedure so they can tailor the surgery to preserve as much breastfeeding capability as possible.
There is a possibility of altered sensation in the breasts, nipples, or around the breast crease after a breast lift with implants. For most women, any change in sensation is temporary, and normal feeling returns as the healing process progresses. However, there is a small risk of permanent sensation loss, particularly in areas around incisions, such as the breast crease. The extent of these sensation changes can vary based on the surgical techniques used and individual factors unique to each patient.
Selecting the right implant size is a crucial part of planning your breast lift with implants. It involves considering your body frame, existing breast tissue, and desired outcome. During your consultation, your surgeon will help you understand the different implant sizes and shapes and may use sizers or 3D imaging to give you an idea of how different sizes will look on your body.

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