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Many men and women alike are looking for ways to regain the youthfulness of their hand skin. Our practitioners at Natural Results Plastic Surgery offer a line of nonsurgical treatments to help amend the aging appearance of your hand skin. At our office in Scottsdale, AZ, we offer consultations with our board-certified plastic surgeon who has years of experience in helping patients attain younger-looking skin.

After years of exposure to sun or chemicals on the job, your hands before the 40 can age faster than other parts of your body. Loss of fat and muscle in the hands, sun spots, spider veins, protruding veins or excessive wrinkles all make your hands look older – which is not complementary to a youthful figure or personality. We would like to offer our services to you. Call for a consultation today.

Treatment Techniques

Multiple techniques are used to eliminate the different problems with hands, such as volume replacement for protruding veins and bones, and lasers and peels for removal of pigmentation and sunspots.

Summary Of Treatments

Volume Replacement

We use volume replaced treatments to treat bones, tendons, and veins that protrude on the hands with synthetic or your own body tissues.

Dermal fillers:
Polylactic or hyaluronic acid fillers can be injected into the hand at multiple locations, and in multiple layers to augment the shape of your delicate hand skin.

Fat injections:
Using fat from your own body (like harvested abdomen fat), we can process it and then re-injected it into the hands. We can graft it in multiple layers. The downside is that fat injections require incisions, which must be closed with sutures and may slightly delay the healing process.

Wrinkles & Skin Damage

Chemical peels:
A noninvasive method of removing your sun-damaged skin is to use a chemical peel. In a relaxing treatment room, we will apply a personalized chemical peel solution (just right for your skin!), neutralize it, and remove it when the time is right. Chemical peels are popular with our patients who suffer from hyperpigmentation and sunspots.

Intensed pulse light (IPL):
Using IPL therapy, you can recline in our treatment room while an aesthetician glides a hand-held device over your skin. The light rays will damage the skin just enough to that it removes some of the pigmentation and sunspot areas. You may leave our office feeling like you have a mild sunburn, but the downtime is relatively short.

Laser skin resurfacing:
In the same fashion as IPL, we can use a laser to emit high-intensity light on your hand skin. This will superficially damage layers of the skin so that a regenerated cellular layer of skin grows. The new skin layer may help your aging hands appear younger.

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Hand Rejuvenation FAQs

Do I Qualify?

Not everyone is not a candidate for hand rejuvenation, but people with occupational exposures to chemicals, sunlight, dust, and clients in the show business industry are usually candidates for hand rejuvenation treatments. Look at your hands and ask yourself these questions:

If you answered these questions with a yes, then we invite you to have a hand rejuvenation treatment consultation at our practice.

Expected Recovery Time?

Your treatment time for these nonsurgical treatments should last no longer than 30 minutes to an hour. Once your appointment is over, you can expect the recovery time to be about 1 – 2 days. This is all dependent on your case and your specific treatment(s). Give your skin time to heal, and your skin will look better each day until the next treatment or procedure.

Risk Involved?

Reaction to medications or topical solutions and infection at the site of an incision are both risks you take with hand rejuvenation treatments. We will provide you with a consultation and educate you on how to care for your skin post-treatment. If you have any questions during your healing process, please feel free to call us. We would be happy to assist you.