Why the Brazilian Butt Lift Is a Popular Mommy Makeover Add-on

​​​​​​​The Brazilian butt lift, or BBL, is a popular mommy makeover procedure thanks to its benefits and fewer complications. The fat transfer surgery increases the shape and size of the buttocks without using implants. It enhances the butt’s look and improves the entire body outline.

Since plastic surgeons remove fat from one part of the body and insert it into the butt, the patient can obtain the benefits of liposuction and butt lift. BBL gives you the benefits of two surgeries in one.

Why Do People Get BBLs?

People get Brazilian butt lifts to boost their figure, make their clothes fit better, and alleviate unwanted fat in certain areas of their bodies. Aside from having fewer risks than butt implants, there are several other reasons the Brazilian butt lift is so popular.

Improves Body Contour

The most common reason many people celebrate BBL is that it helps enhance their body’s contour. The fat transfer improves your butt’s appearance and modifies your body’s natural curve. That means you can make your body take that hourglass-curve look or simply make your butt larger.

A BBL can help you attain your seamless body shape if you are one of those who live healthy lifestyles but cannot get their ideal body shape.

Shrinks Fat Pockets

Aside from enlarging your butt and making it higher and curvier, you will also lose fat pockets from other body parts. During the surgery, your plastic surgeon will use the fat in your body. They may remove the fat from your tummy, hips, love handles, or thighs and inject it into your butt. Your surgeon will remove fat from parts where you do not want it and place it where you do—in this case, your butt.

Makes Cellulite Less Noticeable

A BBL will not remove cellulite but will tighten and smoothen your butt into a more toned, youthful look. The result is that the butt dimples and cellulite will look less visible. Moreover, as the surgeon fills out your butt, cellulite on the thighs may look more level and even.

It Is a Safe Procedure

Any surgery, cosmetic or not, comes with risks and possible side effects. The best way to minimize the risk and complications is to look for surgeons with training and qualification in that surgery.

In the hands of a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, a Brazilian butt lift is a safe procedure. Its injections limit the risk of incision splits and ruptures. Also, because it does not involve inserting foreign objects, the odds of infection or rejection are lower.

Gives Quicker Results

A BBL can help you achieve your desired outcome within hours if you are tired of spending too much gym time with no results. Besides, you will only have to do a BBL once, not daily, to get the expected outcome.

Feels and Looks Natural

Artificial butt fillers and implants can make your butt look unnatural if your body shape changes—for instance, if you gain or lose weight. A BBL uses fat from your body to produce results that feel and look natural. Even if you lose weight or do butt workouts, your butt’s shape will conform to the changes.

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