What Is Staging Surgery for High BMI?

​​​Losing significant weight is a major accomplishment. It is a positive step towards an active, healthier, and happier life. However, the excess, sagging skin tissue can present new challenges, keeping you from enjoying weight loss benefits. Fortunately, a skilled cosmetic surgeon can give you more pleasing body contours by removing excess skin.

Staging Surgery After Major Weight Loss

Dramatic weight loss can have many benefits. But after substantial weight loss, skin and tissues may lack adequate elasticity to conform to the new body size. Surgical staging following significant weight loss aims to remove excess fat and sagging skin while improving the underlying support tissue. It results in smoother contours and a better-proportioned appearance.

Staging surgery for high BMI includes a range of body contouring procedures. These procedures target excess skin folds on the torso, legs, arms, and buttocks to give patients a more natural and aesthetically pleasing shape. If excess skin burdens you, getting rid of it will dramatically boost your self-confidence and comfort. It will also improve how clothes fit and help you exercise more efficiently.

Conditions Addressed

People who lose a lot of weight often realize the need for cosmetic procedures when the following issues become evident:

  • Loose folds
  • Fat pockets
  • Sagging breasts
  • Hanging skin
  • Excessive wrinkling
  • Loose skin on the arms
  • Loose skin around the neck
  • Sagging skin around the entire body

Standard Procedures Recommended After Significant Weight Loss

After losing significant weight, it would help to address excess skin to achieve a firmer, tighter appearance. Some of the standard procedures include:

Staging Surgery for High BMI and Safety Reasons

Staging surgery means having more than one surgical procedure. Healthcare professionals recommend it for safety reasons. Cosmetic surgeons can combine multiple surgeries, but it may be necessary to perform them at separate times.

Staging may be necessary when surgery time exceeds eight hours or recovery is too complicated. For example, combined tummy tuck, thigh lift, and arm lift can make recovery challenging for functioning normally. Also, staging is necessary to remove more than five liters of fat to achieve your goals. Vitamin and nutritional deficiency will also make staging necessary.


Staging surgery is a significant operation requiring patient sedation. How long it takes to complete will depend on the procedures done. The same applies to recovery. In many cases, recovery takes between one and two weeks, but it is best to wait for about six weeks before exercising.


Before moving forward with this surgery, you should be at or near your ideal weight. Sometimes, getting rid of excess skin helps accelerate weight loss, especially when loose skin gets in the way of your daily physical activities. It is best to have reasonable expectations and goals if you choose to undergo this procedure.

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