What is FemiLift?

​​​​​​FemiLift is a non-surgical vaginal tightening treatment that aims to improve the symptoms of vaginal dryness and laxity, while also improving vaginal health. This FDA-approved laser treatment uses a CO2 laser to gently heat the vaginal tissues. This creates dozens of painless microtears that stimulate your body to produce more collagen and elastin fibers within the vagina to repair it. This new collagen and elastin growth improves lubrication and restores the elasticity and strength of the walls of the vagina.

Each FemiLift procedure takes around 10 minutes and is very simple. A lubricated, single-use probe is gently inserted into the vagina and slowly rotated 360 degrees to ensure that all areas of the vaginal wall are exposed to the laser energy. FemiLift is also used alongside the FemTight applicator to tighten the external vaginal area, known as the labia majora.

Since the process to encourage collagen and elastin growth is natural and takes some time, patients will start to see the effects of the treatment over the following days and weeks.

Feminine Issues That FemiLift Can Help With

FemiLift has been shown to help patients overcome several different feminine issues, including:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal laxity
  • Recurring infections
  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • Loss of sexual sensation

Each of these conditions have the potential to be embarrassing as well as debilitating, but FemiLift can resolve many of the symptoms quickly, effectively, and with discretion.

What are The Benefits of FemiLift?

There are a variety of benefits that have been associated with undergoing a FemiLift procedure. These include, but aren’t limited to the following:

  • FemiLift can be performed as an outpatient which means that there is no need to stay in hospital and you can go home to recuperate in the comfort of your own bed
  • FemiLift is a pain-free procedure
  • There is no downtime associated with FemiLift and you will feel back to normal immediately following your procedure
  • Patients are only advised to avoid sex for around 48 hours following the treatment
  • Patients enjoy increased tightness of the vaginal walls which can make it easier to wear tampons and improves their sexual pleasure
  • Patients who undergo FemiLift see a significant improvement in their natural vaginal lubrication, helping to eliminate dryness
  • Many patients who previously experienced bladder leakage, particularly when sneezing, laughing, or exercising can see their symptoms significantly reduced following FemiLift treatment

How Many Sessions of FemiLift are Required?

Every patient is unique, but in the first instance, most are recommended to have three initial treatments which are spaced between four and six weeks apart. This, combined with pelvic floor exercises performed regularly at home, will help to produce optimum results from the FemiLift treatment. Following the initial treatment plan, most patients then have ‘top-up’ treatments every 18-24 months.

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