The Male Enhancement Products That Actually Work

​​​​​Contrary to appearances, many men have anxiety about their appearance in the bedroom. Studies suggest that as many as 45% of men are worried that they don’t measure up to stereotypical ideals and are unhappy with their penis size, while around 30 million men in the United States are said to suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction (ED). Both of these can affect confidence in the bedroom and out of it. Fortunately, some treatments can help.

Whether you would simply like to enhance the size of your penis, or you are suffering from erection-based problems and would like help, here are three highly popular male enhancement products that actually work.

Magic Shot™

Magic Shot™ is an FDA-approved injectable filler and/or fat transfer treatment that is designed to add width and overall size to the penis. This very safe and effective treatment is non-surgical and minimally invasive, and shouldn’t be confused with phalloplasty (surgical penis lengthening).

The technique uses a pre-determined filler which is then injected into the penis at specific points to increase the girth and overall size of the penis.

Some of the benefits of Magic Shot™ include:

  • A natural enhancement that boosts your confidence and self-esteem
  • Non-surgical
  • Short treatment time
  • Results that last anywhere from 6 months to 3 years depending on your level of sexual activity
  • Up to 20% increase in girth
  • Greater sexual satisfaction
  • Minimal downtime

The procedure itself is performed using an anesthetic to ensure that you remain comfortable. Once your filler option has been chosen and the area has been numbed, injections will be used to administer the filler into the desired areas. The entire procedure should take no more than an hour. It’s normal to experience some swelling, bruising, and redness of the area for several days following your procedure.

PRP Penis Shot for Erectile Dysfunction

The Penis Shot is a simple, in-office treatment that is proven to help improve the symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction, or ED. The basis of the treatment is PRP therapy. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. In PRP therapy, blood is taken from the patient and then separated so that platelets can be identified and used in the treatment.

These platelets contain over 30 growth factors, and these have many positive effects including:

  • Healthier blood vessels
  • Improved blood flow to the penis
  • Rejuvenation of penile tissues
  • Increased erection size
  • Reduced risk of premature ejaculation
  • Boosted sexual libido

The treatment is performed using topical and local anesthetic meaning that you won’t experience any discomfort. Once the PRP is ready, it will be injected into specific points of the penis to provide optimal results.

Softwave Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Softwave treatment is another popular solution helping men suffering from erectile dysfunction. This non-surgical procedure uses low-frequency sound waves which are directed into the penis and overall genital area. These sound waves are believed to increase blood flow to the area, which they do by breaking up hardened blood vessels (sometimes called plaque) that can make it harder to get or sustain an erection.

These sound waves have also been shown to increase the blood supply to the penis, as well as cause the growth of new nerve tissues which can improve sexual gratification. Some of the benefits associated with softwave treatment for ED include:

  • Non-invasive, drug and pain-free (topical anesthesia may be given)
  • No known side effects
  • Simple to perform, and each session takes under an hour
  • Easier to get and sustain an erection
  • Improved sexual gratification
  • Enhanced libido
  • No downtime
  • Long-lasting results

Each session is performed discreetly in our offices. A topical anesthetic may ensure you remain calm and comfortable. Many patients can sustain their results for several months before further treatment is required.

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