Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation and Dual Plane Technique

​​​Most women are unhappy about their breasts. Getting breast augmentation can change their lives and increase their self-confidence. Breast augmentation procedures can differ. Optimal results depend on the surgical plan, aesthetic goals, and expert touch. The techniques used also vary. Patients can choose from rapid recovery breast augmentation and dual plane techniques. Read on to learn more.

What Is Rapid Breast Augmentation Technique?

Rapid breast augmentation is a technique that helps patients bounce back faster from their surgery. The critical parts of this surgery include the solution injected into your breasts. It numbs them before cutting. The technique used for dissecting and creating the implant pocket is also unique.

The patient should experience less inflammation and minimal bleeding and pain if the specialist does it right. As a result, there will be a faster recovery. The technique uses conscious sedation to eliminate the side effects caused by general anesthesia. Patients can move around after the surgery to reduce stiffness, potential blood clotting, and swelling.

Your doctor will prescribe pain relieving medication. Recovery time will vary as failure to follow the instructions can prolong the healing process.

Benefits of Rapid Breast Augmentation Technique

Below are the benefits of undergoing this procedure:

  • Patients can resume their daily routine hours after the procedure. However, the specialist will advise against straining the pectoralis muscles.
  • Less trauma on your body compared to other techniques used for breast augmentation.
  • The procedure takes less than one hour if no complications arise. Therefore, you do not have to set an entire day aside for the surgery.
  • Patients experience less pain, bleeding, and swelling to help them recover faster.

What Is Dual Plane Technique?

A dual plane technique places breast implants under the pectoralis major muscle and the breast gland. It does so simultaneously. Your plastic surgeon will divide the attachments of your pectoralis major muscle. Then they will release your breast tissue attachments to variable degrees.

They will do so depending on the results they are aiming at and your anatomy. The pocket formed places the implant in the best position for a more natural outcome.

Benefits of Dual Plane Technique

The dual plane breast augmentation technique offers patients submuscular and sub-glandular placement. As a result, it expands your breast skin envelope to help treat your mild sagging. It gives a natural look and reduces the risk of implant edges appearing visible.

Women with a constricted breast deformity called tuberous breast benefit from the technique. It corrects the nipple facing downwards by expanding the lower pole of your breasts. As a result, the breasts get a more appealing shape.

Which One Is Right for You?

Rapid recovery breast augmentation is ideal for patients who do not want to take a prolonged period to recover from their surgery. It suits individuals with busy lifestyles and no time for downtime. (A dual breast plane gives your breasts a natural shape with fullness at the lower part.)

It is ideal for mild breast sagging or breasts that look deflated after weight loss, breastfeeding, or pregnancy. However, this technique may not suit you if you have excessive breast sagging and want a dramatic lift.

Determine the ideal procedure for your body, expectations, and goals. The best way to do so is by consulting a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in breast augmentation.

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