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Injections of Xeomin create a soft glow on the face as it diminishes facial furrows and wrinkles. Xeomin is a prescription medication that is made from botulinum type A, bacteria that creates botulism, which blocks nerve activity in the muscles and causes a temporary reduction in muscle activity. Our board-certified plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, AZ, Dr. Carlos Mata, discusses with patients at their first consultation the right cosmetic injectable for their skin’s condition. Also, he explains the difference between Xeomin and the other wrinkle relaxer products on the market. Dr. Mata, a.k.a. Dr. Scottsdale, can also use it to treat eye muscle conditions caused by nerve disorders, such as uncontrolled blinking and spasms.

What to Expect

Xeomin is an in-office procedure that is usually performed in 10 minutes to 1 hour. Prior to treatment, ink marks will be made to the injection sites on the face, and a fine needle will deliver the product directly into the skin. Xeomin is most effective in treating frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead furrows, and wrinkles around the chin area. There is no pain during the injection, but numbing creams may be applied to ease any discomfort caused by the injection prick. Mild swelling and redness may appear on the injection area, which usually subsides after a few hours. After a Xeomin treatment, there is no downtime, and most patients may resume normal activities. 

Xeomin FAQs

Is BOTOX Better?

Xeomin is purely botulinum toxin type A unlike BOTOX® (or Dysport®), which has additives. This decreases the chances of the patient’s immunity to the medication. There is also the ease of distribution as Xeomin doesn’t require refrigeration. Other than that, both provide the same effect in treating facial cosmetic issues.

Is This Safe?

In the hands of a well-experienced practitioner, muscle relaxants are safe. The effects are also temporary, so if the patient is dissatisfied with the results, they can be rest assured that these results will not last forever. Xeomin has been proven by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be safe and effective to use.

Combined With Fillers?

A growing trend nowadays is a “liquid facelift” in which both muscle relaxers and derma fillers are combined in a single treatment. It is a noninvasive way of rejuvenating the facial appearance without surgery. Most patients who prefer this method believe the temporary and safe results outweigh the risks of a surgical procedure.

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